Welcome to Rabble.

A CMS for humans

Hey there, fellow human!

Creating a website has never been more fun. Rabble gives you complete creative freedom over your website and, what's even better, the admin system itself!
You can set up some content types, create a Twig template in your templates folder and start jamming away at your website's design and content!

What's in the box?

Rabble is very powerful, but there's a lot of features coming very soon! Here's what it can do already.

By developers, for developers

You care about back-end code? So do I! Rabble is built with lots of TLC on the Symfony framework.

Content management to the moon!

We all know content management systems can be a hassle. That's why I made it simple for you!

Lightning fast

We've all seen poorly written software that takes ages to compile or run. Luckily, Rabble is not one of those!

Designer friendly

You're not a back-end engineer? That's fine! With some Twig and Yaml knowledge you can get started in no-time!