Progress is being made.

Only two weeks ago, Rabble was nowhere near as ready for content management as it is today. That's absolutely stunning to me. Back then, all you could do was sign in, do some user management and create content (with which you couldn't do anything by the way). If you compare the code, you can really say it has matured a lot.

But we're not there yet! I have a lot of features planned and there are some optimizations that can be made within the system itself. But if development continues at the current pace, I'm sure there will be a wonderful system by the end of the year that's ready to compete with the big boys like WordPress, Sulu and EasyAdmin.

I love your approach of breaking your system down into bundles. I'll check this out!

u/zaval on Reddit

Take a look behind the scenes

Those screenshots may not look like much, but trust me, it's enough to be able to build the website you're on right now. Some big features I'm excited about are Google Analytics integration with dashboard reporting, live content previews while you're editing, a bundle marketplace and much more.

Some really nice choices there, good work!

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Growing a community

While it's not my main focus right now, I have to start thinking about building a community behind this open source project at some point. This is where I could really use your help! Did you just read this blog post or visited the GitHub page and thought to yourself: "this is interesting"? Then chances are your fellow developers / content marketeers will think the same thing. If you could be so kind as to click the share button on the right hand side under this paragraph and share this article on your preferred social media platform, I would be forever thankful!

Lastly, you can contact me by sending me a message on Reddit. I would love to hear your story and perhaps what you want to be able to take out of Rabble. My username on Reddit is ShinyVision. In the meantime, I'll be working on a commenting feature!